Nycta Tyneren
Nycta, High Priestess of the Deep
Basic information
House House Tyneren
Gender Minus woman
Title Queen of Tiderest

Insular Empress High Priestess of the Deep

Date of Birth 104 aW
Spouse Saturus Luminen
Issue Gardes Luminen

Sines Luminen-Tyneren

Chronus Tyneren

Deterius Tyneren

Personal information
Dragon form Nycta
Brood Brood of Tyneros
Scale color Black
Eye color Red
Nycta Tyneren was the head of House Tyneren during the second generation, and so the daughter and heiress of Dark Emperor Tynerus. She was Queen of Tiderest and Insular Empress, and the main force that lead the deadly War of the Queens in 375 aW. The Nyctians take name from allegiance to her and her ideals long after her death. She married King Saturus and had three children: Gardes, Chronus and Sines, as well as having another son, Deterius the ill-born. She is the persona of the dragon Nycta, brood of Tyneros.

Biography Edit